What does the crucifixion tell me about Jesus?

Focal Passage: Luke 23:32-49
Life Question: What does the crucifixion tell me about Jesus?
Biblical Truth: Jesus chose to die, providing forgiveness and the only way to eternal life.

When you've been wronged, what do you feel most like doing?
What did Jesus do?

Luke 23:32-38
Jesus watched as they cast lots at His feet.  They sneered; they mocked; they stared. After all of the physical agony He had endured, now He was internally tortured. But in that moment, He said, "Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing" (v. 34).

He had every right to be angry, but He acknowledged that His enemies-like us-were not aware of what they were doing. He chose to forgive.

Are there people in your life who you find difficult to forgive?
Is there someone you need to forgive?

The nearby soldiers were so close to the cross, but they missed the whole scene.
They played games at the foot of the cross.

What games are you playing at the foot of the cross?
Are you playing the game of selfishness? lust? envy? church?

It's so easy to talk about the cross yet never experience it.

Have you experienced the cross? I mean really experienced the forgiveness that comes from the cross?

Luke 23:39-43
Not a lot of details are offered about this criminal.  Perhaps he had heard the Messiah speak or this could have been his first encounter with the Lord.

But in his final moments of life, this murderer realized who was hanging next to him. He asked Jesus an absurd request, and it was granted.

Jesus had publicly forgiven people before. Zacchaeus had money that he could return to the poor. The Samaritan woman could go back and tell family and friends her story. But this man had nothing to offer, and Jesus still forgave.

Evaluate your own life. What do you see when you take a good look at yourself?
Do you think you are good therefore you deserve Jesus' forgiveness?
Or can you relate to the criminal? Do you think you have nothing to give Jesus?

Do you think you've done too many bad things for Jesus to forgive?

"There is nothing good enough you can do to get into heaven and nothing bad enough you can do to keep you out of heaven."

Luke 23:44-49
 Jesus made His final statement and He died. The crowd's reaction changed. No longer was the crowd jeering and hurling insults.

The centurion professed his faith in Jesus Christ.
Jesus chose to die, and He chose to die having lived a sinless life.

Jesus did not quit. He could have, but He chose not to because He knew it was His Father's will and because of His love for us.

Is God calling you to take the cross more seriously?

Are you playing games at the foot of the cross or are you living to serve the One who took your place on that cross?

Remember the cross is a symbol of death. To take up your cross means you are willing to die to the old self and live for Christ.
Jesus is the bridge between God and man. He is the only way to heaven? The only thing that will keep you from heaven is rejecting Jesus and His forgiveness.