How should I respond to Jesus?

Demonstrate Humility
Focal Passage: Luke 17:5-19; 18:9-14
Life Question: How should I respond to Jesus?
Biblical Truth: We are to respond to Jesus with faith and humility.

Luke 17:5-10
The disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith. He responded by saying if they had the faith the size of a mustard seed, they could say to the mulberry tree be cast into the sea and it would obey them. Then he proceeded to ask about the relationship between a servant and his master. Does the master as his servant to come in and sit down to dinner with him. No, the master tells the servant to prepare his meal and he expects him to obey his commands.

o Think about the differences between a servant and a master?
o Who decides what is to be done?
o Who is in charge?

A servant lives in submission to his maser. A servant does not set out after his own goals, do his own thing, or place himself above the master.

We are to recognize and understand that we are servants of God.

Luke 17:11-19
This is the parable of the ten lepers that Jesus encountered and healed. Jesus told the men to go to see the priests. The men were healed as they were making their way to the temple.

o What might have happened if they had stood there and questioned the purpose or practicality of Christ's commands?

o What commands of God do you question the purpose or practicality of instead of following?

One of the lepers (a Samaritan) went back to Jesus to thank Him and praise God  for his healing.

o How good are you at showing gratitude? Showing gratitude is an expression of humility. In order to say thanks to someone, we are basically admitting that we couldn't have done it by ourselves.

Think of someone or some people who have had a significant impact on you this year.

o Is there someone to whom you need to show gratitude?

It is easy to feel thankful for what others have done, but our busyness often keeps us from expressing it.

Luke 18:9-14
This is the parable of the tax collector and the Pharisee in the temple. The Pharisee is thankful his is not like the tax collector (sinner) and then proceeds to tell God a list of his accomplishments. The tax collector on the other hand did not look up and only claimed to be unworthy and asked God for mercy.
Which one was humble?

Aren't we like the Pharisees many times? Here the list of all I've done, now give me extra credit, bless me.

Jesus saw the heart of a humble servant and honored him by making him clean.