How can I talk directly to God?

Life Question: How can I talk directly to God?

Biblical Truth: Prayer allows us to communicate with God and present our requests to Him.


What are the top five things for which students pray?


  • Is prayer a regular part of your life?

Prayer was a priority in Jesus’ life.

  • Prayed at His baptism
  • Prayed before selecting the Twelve
  • Prayed before asking the disciples who He was
  • Prayed when He was transfigured
  • Prayed for Peter
  • Prayed in Gethsemane
  • Prayed as He was being crucified
  • Prayed as He died
  • Prayed for us

If prayer was important to Jesus, how much more important is it for us?


Luke 11:1-4

Jesus gave us a Model Prayer to guide our prayers.


“Our Father”

He could have told us to call Him, Master, King, Judge, Ruler. They all reflect a part of God’s character. Yet He chose Father. Most personal and intimate.


How do you approach God?


“Hallowed be thy name”

To make holy, or set apart

The God who wants to relate to us as Father is still the God of the universe. Intimate reverence.


“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done”

What does “thy kingdom come” mean to you?


How can you be God’s presence in your areas of influence?


“Father help me be your presence at my fraternity, sorority, athletic team, band, or just the within the group I hang out with.”


This is more of an affirmation than a request…submitting to God’s will and the desire to see God’s work come to pass.


“Give us this day our daily bread”

 It’s less about our requests and more about remembering who takes care of us every day.


What could you not live without? Do you tend to live in the past, the future, or the present? What are your biggest worries about the future?


Daily dependence on God for all we need.


“Forgive us our sins”

·         When you do something wrong (or that you know your parents would not approve of), do you try to hide it from them?

·         How did this affect your relationship with them?

·         How does unconfessed sin affect our relationship with God?


If we leave out confession, we will eventually avoid God and quit praying all together.


“As we forgive others”     Share forgiveness in the same measure that God forgives us.


  • What is the toughest part of forgiving others?
  •  Are there people you have been unable to forgive?         

“Lead us not into temptation”

It’s asking God to give us wisdom and strength to avoid the things that draw us away from Him.

1 Cor. 10:13


What environments do you need to avoid, or leave off your daily routine so that you can stay away from that which tempts you?


Luke 11:5-13

This probably took place in a peasant Village – houses close together. They often had only one room and families all slept together on a pallet on the floor. They baked bread each day except for the Sabbath. Hospitality and friendship were highly valued in that society.


The word friend occurs four times.

The friend would ordinarily honor this desperate request.


In the beginning Jesus said suppose you were the anxious host. Can you imagine a friend refusing to assist you in your undertaking to provide hospitality at the arrival of an unexpected guest?


Didn’t get up because of friendship…but because of persistence.


  • What are some characteristics of an ideal father?
  • How much more does God love us?

If an imperfect dad can be a loving father, how much more God will be our loving Heavenly Father.


If a sleepy neighbor will get up and give his neighbor what he keeps asking for…how much more will the God who never sleeps answer the persistent prayers of His people?


Luke 18:1-7

    • Prayer is communion with God.
    • Prayer transforms people to the degree we spend time with God in prayer.
    • Not only does prayer change the person praying, but God uses intercessory prayer in working out His will.
  • How does persistence in prayer mold us?

Jesus encouraged us to pray with persistence.

Ask-Keep on asking, Seek-keep on seeking, Knock-keep on knocking


If a corrupt judge gives justice to the widow who keeps pestering him…how much more will the righteous and loving God respond to those in need? The best gift is the Holy Spirit, the abiding presence of God within His children.


There is an old saying “Prayer is spiritual breathing.”

How long can you go without breathing? How long do we go without praying?


James says you have not

  • because you ask not
  • because you ask amiss (for the wrong things, for the wrong reasons)

Sometimes we have not because you are not in a right relationship with God, so we don’t feel we can ask.


Pray about everything and worry about nothing.

How should God adjust your heart attitude in order for Him to answer your prayers?


Jesus gave us a Model Prayer – to show us how to pray

Friend at midnight – tells us of the need to keep praying

Widow in front of corrupt Judge - Pray expectantly to our loving Father (He’s not a corrupt judge instead, He is a loving Father who loves us very much.)